Mapping Drones Stakeholder Consultation March 7-8, Geneva

This consultation took place March 7-8 and was the first meeting as part of a serious of thematic meetings under the initiative on Drones in Humanitarian Action. This event was focused on identifying the key issues to implementation and operationalization of mapping drones in humanitarian contexts. Mapping is to date the most documented and reliable use of humanitarian drones. While some organizations have used mapping drones to inform their work, others are still working to develop their capacities or to even understand the potential for these technologies. The dialogue aimed to offer a platform for constructive discussion to take stock of current status of the use of mapping drones and related technology, and to identify key ways forward towards safe, effective and efficient integration in humanitarian work. The results of this meeting will be used to inform a guidance publication on the use of drones in humanitarian work. A summary report of the outcomes will be published.

Mapping Drones Meeting Summary (pdf)

Presentations are available.