Mapping work in Malawi

FSD Just returned from mission in Malawi where an area of 50km2 was mapped with an average ground sampling distance of 6cm with small drones. COOPI and the Traditional Authorities (T/A) Mponda and Namabviongoing currently work on “Strengthening emergency preparedness and resilience of hazard-exposed communities in Salima and Mangochi Districts” in the south of Malawi.

The imagery will be used for elevation models and combined with rainfall data to better manage floods that frequently destroy crops and other means of livelihood. The imagery that was collected over the course of 5 days with two Sensefly mapping drones will be provided to the communities. The orthomosaics will also be integrated into the national GIS repository of aerial and satellite imagery and thus available for other projects and uses.

Update 9 January 2017:

The orthomosaic dataset is now available for download from OpenAerialMap. The data was down-sampled to 20 GSD resolution.

Update 23 January 2017: