The Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD) – is an international mine action organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland. This private, independent, and non-profit organisation was created in 1997. Since then, it has implemented a number of mine clearance projects in more than 15 different countries. Since 2009, FSD has developed an internal capacity to support more efficient and effective humanitarian response using various automated airborne and space systems. Since then, FSD has deployed RPAS (drones) in various countries for humanitarian purposes.

For the past 5 years, FSD has developed the use of air borne technology and space system for humanitarian and environmental causes:

SAFEDEM – Space Assets for Enhanced Demining

SAFEDEM is a project funded by the European Space Agency and spearheaded by E-geos in partnership with FSD and others that aims at providing a service platform to address the needs of the Mine Action community. The objective is to improve and optimize planning and preparation and to reduce the impact of demining activities.

Drones in Humanitarian Action – Fostering the appropriate use of airborne systems in humanitarian crises

FSD is collaborating with CartONG, Zoi Environment Network and the Humanitarian UAV Network on an DG ECHO funded action on the use of drones in humanitarian contexts. In a combined effort, the team has put together the most comprehensive knowledge base on the use of drones for humanitarian actors to date.

Enhanced Pollution Monitoring (EPM)

Crosstech, FSDs subsidiary aims to create a service for the integrated use of space assets to assess and monitor environmental hazards posed by mining activities. EPM is an ARTES 20 ESA project that integrates optical, radar images from Satellites with drone images to contribute to an effective and efficient system for monitoring dam stability, environmental emergencies, land and vegetation changes to detect risks and consequences deriving from exploration and extraction activities. Users of this service include regulators, companies and NGOs.