Drones in Humanitarian Operations and Mine Action

Drones in Humanitarian Operations and Mine Action

III Encuentro Internacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación para el Desminado Humanitario Medellín 26 October 2017

Drones and Mine Action

  • General Use of Drones/UAVs/RPAS
  • Technology Development
  • FSD’s Experience
  • Capability Examples for Mapping
  • Drones in Mine Action

eBee professional mapping drone:

– Weight: <750g

– Flight time: <40 min

– Area coverage of: 1-2km2

– Resolutions: 2.5 -20 cm

3D pan-sharpened SPOT-7 image (left) and corresponding land displacement map (right).

Image credit: GICHD. 2015 Demining sites in Angola




  • Ultimately there are uses for drones and earth observation (EO) platforms in Mine Action, but they must be thought through and we should be realistic about their limitations.
  • Support to NTS and hazardous area mapping is the main application, but only when traditional NTS is difficult, access is limited, no prior maps or knowledge or the terrain and vegetation limits access and knowledge or lends itself to further evaluation processes of land use/restitution and environmental monitoring.